U/UTP Data Cable Cat5e 4P 24AWG PO/PVC Red 1000M

Belden 1583A U/UTP Data Cable Cat5e Multi-Conductor 4 Pair Non-Bonded 24AWG Polyolefin/PVC Red 1000M


Std Pack Size

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U/UTP Data Cable Cat5e 4 Pair Non-Bonded, 300 Volt RMS, 24 AWG, 200 MHz Bandwidth, 9.38 Ohm/100 mtr at 20 deg C Conductor Resistance, Cat5e U/UTP-Unshielded Cable, 4 Pair, Bend Radius: Installation: 48.260mm, 155.687 N Max. Pulling Force, Solid Bare Copper Conductor, Rip Cord Filler, Polyolefin Insulation, PVC Sheath, Red Sheath,-20 to 60 deg C, 1000 mtr Length, 4.826mm Outside Diameter

Additional Information

Additional Information
Brand Belden
Standard Pack Size 305
UNSPSC Class 43223300
Vendor Product 1583A 0021000
Product Type Cat5E Cable
Max. Pulling Force 155.687 N
Filler Material Rip Cord
Pair Count 4 Pair
Sheath Material PVC
Frequency Bandwidth 200 MHz
Cable Type Cat5e U/UTP-Unshielded
Insulation Material Polyolefin
Length 1000 mtr
Outside Diameter 4.826mm
Sheath Colour Red
Bend Radius Installation: 48.260mm
Voltage 300 Volt
Conductor Size 24 AWG
Conductor Resistance 9.38 Ohm/100 mtr at 20 deg C
Conductor Material Solid Bare Copper
Temperature -20 to 60 deg C

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